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Welcome to Jordan Jack Turner Coaching, where you’ll discover the next level of health through mindful fitness, breath work, and mindset coaching. Experience a conscious approach that restores balance and inspires you to achieve true well-being.




What My Clients Say


I am fitter, healthier and , more thoughtful about my family and, much to my surprise, more confident in myself. My blood pressure is now normal, my resting heart rate is excellent for a person of my age and my flexibility has increased substantially.

Jordan was never intrusive but instead he created a process and an environment that allowed me to experiment and  to face some truths about my motivation and ultimate goals in life.

Fintan Donohue OBE


I never thought I could be this mentally strong and feel so positive. I love my life and most importantly I have learned to love myself. So much has changed and it will continue to do so, I love the fact there are now so many possibilities for me. It is great to just be in the present and appreciate all that I have. I feel so blessed and will be eternally grateful for what Jordan has taught me.

Kaely Saunders


In the past 20 weeks you have changed my life and continue to change it. I love the weekly focus and challenges I have. I am more productive at work as a result. I am also transforming to a greater and more grounded person in my own eyes.

Above and beyond all, you have shown me the path to unconditional love and it is amazing to be able to say how much I love the work we do together, and you do with others.  Most important to me, it is amazing to know that I have someone I hold in such high regard in my life who supports be to reach my true potential.

Andy Smith

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